For placing an order or if you need some information you can use my email address.
It can be helpful for me if you let me know which mouthpiece or lay you currently play on, and (for German mouthpieces)  if you want the 'Schnurrand' removed.

A set of mouthpieces can be tested for 1 week, free of charge (EU only).
But, in order to let this system work and to avoid a long waiting list, please send them back after 1 week. It can only work like this if we trust each other in this matter.
My only term is, that the mouthpieces will be handled with great care and that they will be returned free of scratches or damages from teeth, ligatures or whatsoever. A damaged mouthpiece will be considered as being bought by you and you will be charged for it.

I may not be able to send certain mouthpieces immediately, because I also play in my orchestra and I have to teach in Amsterdam. They will be sent as soon as possible. I ask for your understanding and patience.

Bills (in PDF-format) will be sent by email so you can print them yourself. If you prefer a paper bill, just let me know and I will send a hard copy to your home address.
Payments are only possible by means of bank transfer.

Price per mouthpiece: € 180,00 incl. 21% VAT

Unfortunately, it is not possible to stop by for a visit because I do not have a shop. On request, it is sometimes possible to visit me at my studio. 

Hans Colbers Mouthpieces
Niehoveplantsoen 13
6835 AV Arnhem
The Netherlands

+31 6 2824 9323

Chamber of Commerce: 09207339

VAT identification number (VATIN): NL1582.40.273.B.01

IBAN bank-number: NL41 TRIO 0254 7628 16



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