The materials used for my mouthpieces are unique. The procedure for manufacturing them was developed by the German clarinet builders Leitner & Kraus, in close cooperation with a German company for injection moulding.

After numerous tests, a new way has been found for processing grenadille wood that, by means of injection moulding, delivers a mouthpiece that consists entirely of natural products. In this case, grenadille-wood without chemical additives.
For many, it shall be comforting to know that your mouthpiece does not contain any harmful substances like sulfur, that makes up a considerable part of the well-known hard rubber. 

This ‘wood’ does not show any signs of veins, which will prevent them from expanding. No shrinkage or expansion is to be expected. Moreover, it will not absorb any moist and will therefore not influence the musical performance of the mouthpiece. The latter is the reason that mouthpieces made of solid wood were hardly ever used anymore. Unfortunately, because the sound of a wooden mouthpiece is unparalleled.

But there is a solution for that now. Clarinettists can now enjoy the pleasures and advantages of playing on genuine wood again. Not only clarinettists benefit from this, also the listener will be able to enjoy your sound even more.

Hans Colbers Mouthpieces buys blanks from Leitner & Kraus after which a CNC milling machine puts the lay (facing) onto the mouthpiece with great precision. Subsequently, a lot of manual work is to be performed to finalise the mouthpiece and make it fully functional. After filing, sanding, and polishing, the tip is also finished manually. Obviously, this process is very labour-intensive but high quality will always require to be produced by hand and quality is what I want to deliver.

It has taken almost two years to develop all the lays. Calculations, on the calculator at the kitchen table, running tests – a lot of them – and analysing clarinettists’ comments in the most serious of ways proved to be crucial in order to achieve this level of quality.

Important notice: Never expose clarinet mouthpieces to high temperatures!

Kautschuk (a.k.a. Ebonite/hard rubber) mouthpieces NEW!

Now, all lays are also available on Zinner Ebonite!

Ebonite E-flat clarinet mouthpieces will be ready soon.

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