Welcome to Hans Colbers Mouthpieces, clarinet mouthpieces of excellent quality for professional clarinettists. 

Hans Colbers Mouthpieces is a new and unique enterprise in The Netherlands in the field of mouthpieces and facings (lays) for clarinets.
It is unique because of the materials used and the facings that are manufactured in-house.

The material these mouthpieces are made of, is based on grenadille-wood and offer the benefits of wood, however not the disadvantages. The facings are one-of-a-kind in the way that they are, again, developed in-house, for both French and German instruments. Years of experience as a professional clarinettist have lead to the development of new mouthpieces and facings. 

All lays are available on wood-composite (developed by Leitner & Kraus) and hard rubber (Ebonite from Hans Zinner).

NEW!!!  The German E-flat clarinet mouthpieces are ready. You can find them on page 'Mouthpieces-German'.

NEW!!!  Reed specialist Joris Wiener makes reeds specially designed for my mouthpieces (see 'links'-page)


For orders or inquiries, you are welcome to send an email to info@hanscolbers.com 

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